Private session : Diagnostic & treatment

Step 1: Evaluation of Organs energy

Chinese radial pulse : evaluation of energy flow in organs. ​

Allow to understand the energy pattern of each patient and how to correct his system.

Step 2:


Cranial test & brain response: Research of the root cause using frequency tubes.
Testing include : Food, Beverage, air allergens, Hormones, past/current medication, chemicals products (pesticides, cleaning products, cosmetics...) & emotional blockage.

Step 3:

Brain desensitization 

Once the root cause is found and confirmed through manual testing. We remove the blockages with a procedure on the brain and the skull.

This allow the energy flow to restart in the organ and the function to be restored. 

Step 4:

Balance the Energy flow

Combination of key acupressure points with essential oils blends to stimulate the flow.

The vibration of oils is very powerful and allow a similar result compare to needles.

Step 5:

Manual Therapies

Posture correction using manual techniques on muscles, joints, ligaments, fascias and nerves.

Restore the motion in your body structures.

Step 6:

Cranio-sacral therapy

Optimize the nervous system rhythm and the spine motion.

As a practitioner, we can not say that "we treat" a disease or disorder. We are here to guide the patient towards the optimal self-healing process and diagnose the root cause with this unique system. However the list of issues below is very often seen in private practice with great results and improvements.


Functional issues

We are talking about the function of your organs.

  • Digestive: Constipation, Reflux, Irritable bowel syndrom, bloated..

  • Neurological system: sleep, Stress, dizziness, headaches..

  •  hormonal syste: Fertility, gynecologic, Thyroid.. 



The system allows me to find and rate which environmental allergen is causing your system to struggle.

  • Allergy reaction: food / Skin / Ear,Nose,Throat disorders

Back Pain

Pain issues

Various types of body pain :

  • back , neck , shoulder (frozen),  muscle, tendon.

  • nerves: sciatica, migraines, numbness..

  • post surgery , scars...