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Description of diagnostic & treatment

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What to expect from a session ? 

  1. My background allows me to find biomechanical imbalances in patient's body. That could be related to a previous injury, surgery, scar, or inflammation. The first step is to bring back body's natural flexibility using Fasciatherapy, Musces techniques, Massage techniques, Trigger points etc..

  2. The next step is to clear organs & digestive system dysfunctions coming from past use of medication, anesthesia, or certains types of food using gentle manual techniques and nutrition recommendation.

  3. The last step is for chronic pains reluctant to biomechanical treatments, where we can explore with the patient's authorization which current mental or emotional experience is causing the body to express a tension. 

As a practitioner, we can not say that "we treat" a disease or disorder. We are here to guide the patient towards the optimal self-healing process and diagnose the root cause with this unique system. However the list of issues below is very often seen in private practice with great results and improvements.

Main motives of consultation?

Functional issues

  • Digestive: Constipation, Reflux, Irritable bowel syndrom..

  • Neurological system: sleep, Stress, dizziness, headaches..

  •  hormonal system: Fertility, cycles issues, Thyroid imbalances.... 



The system allows me to find and rate which environmental allergen is causing your system to struggle.

  • Allergy reaction: food / Skin / Ear,Nose,Throat disorders

Back Pain

Pain issues

Various types of body pain :

  • back , neck , shoulder (frozen),  hips , knees...

  • nerves: sciatica, migraines, numbness..

  • post surgery , scars...

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