Master in Osteopathy - Institut Dauphine d'Osteopathie

IDO (Paris)

  • 5 years full time studies. I started to have a special interest in Neuro-science, Neuro-pathology, Anatomy, physiology. In term of practice my approach was highly influence by my teachers Francois Bel and Rodolphe Benoit-Levy. I learned the influence of the ego , the importance of presence, attention , pure intention. We were lucky to have teachers with a great wisdom in our first year, following us during our 5 years. They developed our sens of touch, towards a very deep connection with the patient's energy system.

  • With their help I started my first steps in fluidic awareness, energy medicine and of course the journey in the cranial field.

  • Our studies included 2 years of  what we call in US Cranio-sacral therapy and 4 years of

  • " Bowen" therapy. Two trainings that are not working in France as they are part of the osteopathic studies.

Postgrads - University Degrees

  • University Diploma (DU) in Dietetic and Clinical nutrition - Medical University of Paris VII Diderot ( 1 year part-time)

  • University Diploma (DU) in Medical English - Medical University of Paris XIII Creteil (1 years part-time)

  • University Diploma (DU) in  Clinical Anatomy (1 year part-time) : 30 hours of dissection included

  • Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture & Tuina - Hong Kong University (2 years part-time)

  • Postgrad in Paediatric Osteopathy (FROP) Formation for reasearch in paediatric Osteopathy : Part-time training in Bordeaux with Bruno Ducoux as a Director. Specialization for Fertility issue, pregnancy care and paediatric care (from pre-mature baby to adults).

  • Postgrad in Gynecologic Osteopathy : Internal & external approach for women's health with Elisa Boillot (midwife-Osteopath) in Lyon.

  • Postgrad in Etiomedicine, Osteopathic & Vibrational medicine diagnostic inspired by NAET and kinesiology with a deeper & more accurate treatment. Trained by Jean-Philippe Foissy who discovered the method.

  • Trained in Homeopathy, Medical Radiesthesia, Bach Flowers & Aromatherapie. (Mentor Anonymous)

  • Currently Developing a New treatment based on Color Therapy, Water memory and Information send through ligth. 

  1. Currently Trained with Marie-Francoise Nogues for her method : Method Nogues Epigenetic practice.

(3-4 years training , equivalent to Master in Psychology).

Mentors & Influences

  • in Osteopathy , fasciatherapy, cranio-sacral , Energy medicine: Some major books & authors have influenced my philosophy, here is a list of them that I recommend to every therapist willing to evolve toward a deeper & efficient approach:

  • Rollin Becker : Life in Motion, Stillness of Life. ++

  • Pierre Tricot, Serge Paoletti. (Basics of fasciatherapy)

  • Paul R Lee : Interface : Mechanisms of Spirit in Osteopathy +++++

  • Nicholas Handoll : Anatomy of potency ++

  • Rober C. Fulfort: Touch of life +++ , Randolph stone Polarity therapy ++

  • Alain Auberville & Andree Aubin : La motilite en Osteopathie ++

  • James Oschman : Energy Medicine ++

  • Barbara Ann Brennan  +

  • Pascal Pesselon : Osteopathy & Chinese energy medicine ++

  • Kazuko Itaya and Stephen Birch: Chasing the dragon's Tail ++++

  • Jean Philippe Foissy : La Desengrammation en Osteopathie energetique +++++

  • Jean-Marie Lepeltier & Christophe drouet: Visage, Corps et Personalite +

  • Bruce Lipton / Joe dispenza

  • Nassim Haramein / Jean pierre garnier malet / Jean-pierre Petit