Visiting practitioner


Osteopathic treatment and Chinese energy medicine

 The roots of health. An individualized treatment listening to each patient’s characteristics and background. 
The perfect gap between Western natural medicine and Ancient knowledge from Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Reach the optimized level of energy with a precise diagnosis allowing deep and long lasting results. Find the root cause of imbalances and reset your energy system.

Meditation Class


Small group session sharing how to improve and use breathing techniques, mindfulness, EFT, self acupressure, self abdominal massage for a better health.

The workshops include a morning routine to prepare our body , mind & spirit for the day.

I myself use these useful tools to improve my wellbeing, combined in an time efficient routine. 


Working from Home

Follow up & health knowledge

I'm currently doing a series of health & wellness videos, articles and newsletters. The purpose is to continue the progression the guests acquired during their experience in the resort.