The journey toward optimal health and wellness is a wide subject. Coordination, logic, clarity, efficiency and trust are essential to reach the results. 

Louis proposes distance follow ups with patient looking for natural solutions to their health.

This includes a clear understanding for patients of what they will have to achieve. You will receive the right recommendations according to your specific needs, in order to gain efficiency, time and money on the right treatments and learnings.


Remote sessions

  1. Q & A : Target patients objectives and environment . 

  2. Radio-Bio-physics / Quantum Testing : Louis uses a remote techniques to evaluate Living waves coming from patient’s body Electro-magnetic fields. This process involves a specific training for the therapist’s brain allowing also to find through Bio-resonance testing the remedies resonating with each patient. 

  3. Guidelines : Nutrition advice / Homeopathic remedies / Essential oils uses. Supplements / herbs recommendations. 

  4. Coordination with other practitioner if needed : Yoga / Physical therapy / Meditation / Massage / Counselor.. 

  5. Email follow ups and content sharing : Videos / articles / Newsletter on new findings about health.