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Osteopathy & Holistic Therapies

A holistic approach of health in Zollikon / Zuerich
For Babies / Children / Adults & Athletes

Price per session:160CH

Anerkennung Zusatzversicherung (VVG): ASCA, EMR, Visana 

Meet Louis-Adrien Ollu 
Osteopath D.O.

Holistic & Alternative Medicine Practitioner

I'm a French Osteopath & Holistic health practitioner practicing in Zürich. Trained by several mentors in Traditional Chinese medicine, Homeopathy, Kinesiology and Osteopathy , I use different diagnostic methods to find the root cause of imbalances. My treatments use a wide range of gentle manual techniques to optimize and bring deep & long lasting results tailored to each patient.
I have several post graduate diplomas in Nutrition, Paediatric Osteopathy, Women’s health, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Allergy desensitization.  
My key elements in my practice are :

-Osteopathy & Cranio-sacral therapy


-Chinese medicine energy system


-Aromatherapy,Homeopathy, allergy desensitization.

Meet Louis

Price per session : 160 CH


Contact Info


+41 76 589 29 59

Casa Vitale
Riethofstrasse 8
8702 Zollikon
Friedaustrasse 17
8003 Zuerich


 Louis-Adrien saved my life ! After a work injury 18 years ago, my back was in constant pain, multiple Doctors, Chiropractors, Specialist and other methods could not fix it for good.. Until I met Louis..!
In only 1 session, the pain was simply gone, now I can walk straight, bend over to do my shoes and work normally without a need to seat for resting my back!
I even start loosing weight as I can function normally.
I will never be enough thankful for the help and brighten my life!

Thank you  Louis!

— Christophe B.
Manager of "Premier Cru" Wine shop

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